You’ve got options when it comes to restoration

We know not everyone desires the same thing so we’re happy to tailor services to meet your needs and budget.

Every restoration is done by hand by Master craftsmen with over one-hundred and fifty years of combined knowledge and experience in the art of firearm restoration.

  • Master Restoration Service – $1900

    Our finest and most extensive service.

    Complete refinement inside and out. Each component hand stoned and polished to perfection. Stock restoration. Bore conditioning. Spring replacement. Lettering and logo refinement. Our finest hand polishing and finishing services.

  • Museum Grade Restoration – $950

    A classic restoration, museum quality.

    Steel refinement, most all imperfections addressed. Each component hand stoned and polished. Stocks reconditioned. Final finish in rust blue or satin white.

  • Museum Grade Recondition – Quoted by project

    Expert maintenance and preservation

    Focusing on preservation and maintenance while maintaining the original condition and character of the piece. This is the same preservation services performed by museums world wide. Fully disassembled, each component meticulously cleaned. All necessary repairs including parts replaced. Expertly preserved in a tailored process bringing the firearm to its finest original condition.

Each restoration is documented with photos and notes throughout the process, beginning to end and while most clients express astonishment when comparing their restored firearm to these photos, all  express gratitude for returning a finely restored Family heirloom to be treasured and admired for generations.

In many instances replacement parts are not available so we must create missing or broken pieces. It is important for our clients to know we have a knowledgeable staff of machinists, expert in their field to accomplish any task.

When it comes to furniture, restoration and repair of broken or chipped stocks is common place. From exotic woods, Gutta Percha, Bakelite, ivory or pearl, our craftsmen can correct nearly any problem giving your piece the look and feel it richly deserves.

Like so many other traditional crafts, rust bluing has become a lost art faded from gun building, replaced by faster, easier finishes that cannot compare. Even though the art is over two-hundred years old, it remains to this day the finest finish available in firearms.

Our rust bluing processes are based upon our own formulas and tailored for the look of each firearm. In the sub-tropics of west Florida where the conditions are ideal, the entire bluing process can last three weeks or longer to properly complete.

While there are so many options available for re-finishing, these cannot be compared to fine restoration services. Not to say this is best for all firearms, it’s not, only the finest.
We provide the finest restoration or preservation for a treasured heirloom, period.

Let’s discuss what we can do for you.


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